Consultant, collaborator, climbing partner

Have you ever considered how many decisions you make every day in running your business?

Each one, large or small, is a step toward a goal. Each entails risk and a level of expertise that may put you on edge. And whether each enables you to reach your summit or not is what makes the journey exhilarating, and a bit scary. 

Where to put your time and money each day can be a paralyzing question. I founded Pofabro Communications to help you get to the top faster by bridging the chasm between strategy and tactics that exists in too many companies.


  • 28+ years of performance-based multimedia marketing
  • 10 years as a HubSpot user and 15+ certifications earned
  • Verticals that include healthcare, insurance, SaaS, technology, financial services, utilities, and many more
  • Stories of shared success, learning from failure, and laughing throughout


Whether your business is in start-up mode or well established doesn’t matter to me. Nor do I care about the size of your marketing budget or sales team. Why? Because the pains I’ve lived through, and overcome, with businesses of all sizes are remarkably common, and most certainly correctable.

I specialize in marketing strategies that generate qualified leads and profitable, long-term customers — all while mitigating risk. That means testing with tiny steps before taking big ones. That also means first knowing with certainty where we’re going, then climbing swiftly and sure-footed.


Many have reached the summit already. None have followed the same steps or known your challenges. I’ll help map your unique journey to the top, pick the right climbing tools, show you the ropes, and then we will ascend together — with speed and confidence.

Core Services

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Marketing Consulting

Master your lead generation, content marketing, and customer conversion challenges in both B2B and B2C environments.

HubSpot Support

Optimize your marketing and sales operations with implementation support and focused training across all Hubs and tiers.

Learning Solutions

Empower your team with the practical marketing skills and strategic perspectives you need to conquer today's dynamic markets.

“Chris Rosa at Pofabro was invaluable – helping me to set up my HubSpot account – starting with the free version and transitioning to Starter. His personalized service maximized my ability to customize fields for actionable data, leverage mailings, and, integrate with my website. I consider Chris as part of my team.”

Bobbie Antinarelli, Principal
OpenDoor Sales Consulting and Training

A blueprint for building a solid foundation with your business data...